Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Who am I?

Announcing the newest member of the super hero squad - me. I am no longer known as Barbra. Apparently, my name changed to "Wonder Woman". 

Don't get me wrong I used to like watching the show but living it is different and I don't like it. 

Why, you ask, am I now Wonder Woman. For the same reason, any other woman is wonder woman. We "WONDER" how we are going to get anything done with unrealistic timelines, we WONDER what we are doing here, we WONDER if it will ever end, etc. 

But truthfully, can I change superheroes? I do not want to be a superhero, I would really like to be Maleficent, at least a nice version of Maleficent. 

Who else knows what I'm talking About? We can lift each other up in prayer and encourage each other in our wonderment.

But, above all, remember, always be yourself.

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