Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 9 - Where has this Quarter Gone?

Today begins week 9 of 11 for my collegiate career.  I am getting closer to the finish line and I have to say I'm thankful for that.  This quarter has felt like two-quarters rolled into one with all the assignments that I have had each week.  I will finish strong and pray I end where I desire, on the fence post with one and fairly solid with the other two courses.  Then, it is off for a break, well, at least in my studies.

Soon I will be able to spend some time in my "happy" place.  Really it is my stress relief zone.  Looking forward to some down time and some much-needed sleep when this quarter ends.  During my two-week break, I plan on getting some sleep and doing some projects around the house.  Then when summer hits, it will be a glorious, hot summer where I can spend time in the water, whether that be at the beach or a water park.  I can go to my "happy" place as much as I want and not feel guilty about not studying.  Some have asked me, Barbra, what will you do with all your free time?  Honestly, I think sleep, play at the parks, sleep, play some more at the parks, maybe hit the beach.  I'm really not sure.  I just know that I will be looking forward to my free time, which really isn't free.  It will be consumed with something, just something different from schoolwork.  I'm not one to just sit around, I can for a short period of time, but not for long.  It's not good for the soul to just sit.  One should be moving around doing something.  Ministering to someone in need, planning ministry outings, preparing for OCC, getting people motivated to do something.

Work is another story, projects upon projects abound all around me.  Some days, I feel like I am swimming and other days I am back peddling.  I guess that is a good thing, staying busy like this.  Only thing is I feel that I am only putting out fires and not able to be proactive.  Proactivity will have to wait for another day, perhaps when we are not stretched thin.  If only in this stretching it elongated my body and made me appear taller and thinner.  Now that would be a great side effect of stretching.  I do not complain about the stretching, it will only grow me and make me stronger.  Sometimes it is just hard to see until one is on the other side.

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