Monday, February 25, 2013

Princess Half Marathon Weekend

The weekend didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I did have a good time, but was a bit disappointed in my race attempts.

Saturday was the Royal Family 5K, I woke up that morning not feeling well and was nauseated.  But, I thought I would be able to push through it.  I was wrong.  I made it a little past mile 1 and into the Epcot before I had to leave the track.  I got sick and cut the track and finished it off.  I am thinking it was my body's way of saying you haven't been getting the sleep and rest you needed.  It had been a tough January/February for me physically with having my asthma issues.  Maybe I tried to push it more than I really should have.  Who knows.

 Here's our group Emily & Debbie Hoy, Shannon Collins, me, Sharon Thomas and Rhonda Stephens.

Shannon, Debbie and I goofing off before the race.

Sunday was even more disappointing.  When we got on the bus transportation to get to the race we were packed into the buses as if I were in Honduras all over again.  My legs were cramping up from the close quarters of how we had to stand.  Then, we got off the bus and walked over to meet the rest of our group (Debbie, Emily, Rhonda and Shannon).  We took some photos and off we were to the start line.

We had a 2 mile walk to get to the race line.  The lines were packed and hard to move, it was a great warm up but then we came to a dead stop waiting for the start.  We had to arrive around 4:30, the race started at 5:30 for corral A.  We were in corral H and didn't start until 6:35 am.  After walking to our corral we had to stand for an hour.  This was not good for my feet or my calves, they were warmed up and feeling good and then stopped abruptly.  I tried to keep moving but it was so difficult.  As we were waiting the cleaning crew had already started to clean up the barricades to get them picked up and off the course.  I almost felt defeated before the race started.

The race finally started and my legs were just cramping up so bad I could hardly walk.  I tried to run through some of it but could not.  The pain was so great and it seemed like each step I took the farther I got behind.  I made it to the first water stop and they said I was too far behind to catch up so they just picked me up and took me to the finish.  At the time I was picked up there were 5 others picked up at the same time.  One was a sweet young lady by the name of Chrystal.  This was her first race as well and she did great.  I was so proud of her that I gave her my "Magical Triumph" button with Mickey and Minnie, she was so excited about that button.  When we exited the "pokey bus" I asked if I could take a photo with her and she was gracious and said yes.

Sharon made it to a little past mile 4 and they picked her up.  At least she made it to the Magic Kingdom.  One thing that we found was that you had to be completely inside the Magic Kingdom before 7:30 or you would be picked up.  For those of us in the last corral we were at a complete disadvantage as there was almost no way we would be able to get there, as that was mile 5 and even if you were doing a 16 minute per mile you wouldn't have made it.

The highest bib number I saw was 33850, and I believe there were 26000 participants in this race.  It was wall to wall people trying to run/walk through the course.  Just about all the pictures I saw I could only image how difficult it was to continue on with the crowds as large as they were.  The first place racer came in at 1 hour and a few minutes - not sure official time but it was crazy.  The second came in shortly after that and then there was like a 20 minute delay in between the next participants.

All in all I had a great weekend.  The great thing about the race and weekend was the awareness that was brought about through our Team Freedom shirts and the amount of money that the team raised.  A check was presented to Stacia and Natalie for $72,000.00 for Abolition International.

Hoping to be able to try to do the race again next year.  Next year I also hope to train a bit more and meet some of the team members and actually train with them.  I found the Facebook page a bit late in the year, but know I am in the group so will be able to see more things this next year.

This princess needs to get to bed now, as she has to come back to reality in the morning and get back to work.

Until next time!

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