Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Week

Well, it is a new week officially.  After starting my blog last Thursday I feel that I ended the week pretty well.

Friday I came home after work and got some rest, much needed as I was pretty tired.  I had planned on going to the movies, but sleep won out.  Sometimes that is necessary.  Saturday I awoke and decided to get on the bike before going out with friends.  I finished the movie "We bought a zoo" and rode the bike for 75 minutes and rode a total of 19.5 miles.  Not too bad.  Then I walked around the Brandon Mall with Christine and Shelby so I could take pictures of Shelby meeting Dez from Austin and Alley on the Disney Channel.  She was so excited it was hysterical.  Can you tell how excited she was?

My feet were killing me by the end of the day.  We closed the day out by meeting Hewitt for dinner at Beef's.  Sunday got up and went to worship and listened to Bro Michael speak about Elijah and how he prayed to God to answer in BIG ways.  We need to ask God to answer prayers both big and small.  The Lord really does care about the small things and the Big things.  Sometimes we don't go to the Father about the BIG things because we think they are too big for him, or that we don't want to bother him.  Well, I walked away from that service knowing that I do need to ask for God's favor in the upcoming Princess Race and need him in a BIG way to miraculously help me to finish the race to the best of my ability to bring Him the glory.  See, Elijah prayed to God out of a humble spirit and did not ask for things selfishly.  Although, I do want to finish this race, it is not about me, but about the girls that are living in slavery.  The 5k race that I will be doing on Saturday is for me, but the half marathon is for the girls.  I will continue to prepare as much as I possibly can between now and the race and will absolutely give God the glory for my finishing the race because I know I will not be able to do it without him and his strength.  Thank you in advance Lord for your supernatural strength.

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